Cassidy’s Creations Inc. offers a dynamic range of services to help with any home projects you may have. From large scale to small scale, we can help! Check out some of our services below. Be sure to contact us with any questions or inquires you may have!

Home Renovations

Oftentimes, renovations can seem overwhelming! Projects will get started, but never completed, or sometimes you just don’t know where to begin. Cassidy’s Creations Inc. can bring all aspects of a home renovation project to one central place. We will help organize, prioritize, design, build, and install every part of the project to create the space and look you’ve always dreamed of for your home. With innovative designs and experience in renovations of all kinds, Cassidy’s Creations Inc. makes home renovations easier than ever.


Looking to install a new tub or shower, need a space expansion, or want to reorganize and update your look? No problem! From start to finish, we can create a space that is modern, beautiful, and designed to match your style.


For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home – a place where people gather to talk, enjoy one another’s company, and share life over a family meal. Cassidy’s Creations Inc. brings dream kitchens to life. We can handle any remodelling project and offer various services to complete the project – flooring, backsplashes, countertops, plywood box cupboards, customized door fronts, and so much more. Whether you’re looking to start from scratch, upgrade your current cupboards and countertops, or looking to add new features to your kitchen, we can help! We will help establish your long-term vision for your kitchen, working to create the perfect space for you and your family to thrive in. Your kitchen cabinets are designed, built, and installed by Cassidy’s Creations Inc., each step being handled with expertise and reflecting the high quality and standards that Cassidy’s Creations Inc. holds to.

Custom Cabinetry

We approach each piece of cabinetry as a customized work of art, reflecting individual style and character. Cassidy’s Creations Inc. elevates cabinetry expectations, working to incorporate character and the highest level of workmanship possible to ensure long-term usage. For any unique project ideas or customized cabinetry needs, let us know.


Basements offer a great space to maximize your home’s efficiency –providing storage solutions or giving you that extra space for whatever you need. We can help with any basement project or completely finish off a basement, from dry-walling to floor installation and everything in between. Don’t let your home go unfinished – we can help create a space that is a functional as it is beautiful.


Sometimes your home just needs a facelift – a refreshing makeover of existing cupboards to breathe new life into your space. We can handle any facelift project you may have. We can keep your existing cupboard boxes, and replace the doors and gables to give your kitchen a new look without the cost of replacing the whole cupboard. Each door is customized to match your new look and from the materials to the finishing touch, the project will reflect a uniform spirit – offering consistency and quality that will make your kitchen feel like home. Need to adjust cabinetry for more shelving space? No problem! We can transform any cupboards to be exactly what you need for maximum aesthetic appeal and utility!